Research strand 4

Families schools communities

An effective collaboration between actors and actresses who are attentive to the educational success of young people can efficiently reinforce initiatives implemented to promote pupil retention and address the educational and social difficulties of the learners.

Managing staff: Débora Poncelet et Willy Lahaye

Through a global approach which calls for interventions at various levels (micro, meso, macro), the members of strand 4 investigate the links between families, school and associated services, and the mechanisms and initiatives that are available to promote pupil retention.

They explore the instruments that promote these alliances, for example:

  • Training for professionals
  • A clear definition of the partners’ roles
  • Active and varied involvement of the parents and knowledge of their rights and, more broadly, of school systems and jargon
  • Reciprocal relationships in the teams…

The members of this strand also study the experiences of families with regard to the critical duality of a collaboration which is said to be necessary, but which often does not take place in practice.

Members associated with this research strand:Allenbach Marco, Angelucci Valérie, Anton Alice, Biderbost Pablo, Cabello Sergio Andrès, Chatenoud Céline, Delevaux Olivier, Garcia-Lastra Marta, Gremion Lise, Jordi Garetta Bochaca, Lahaye Willy, Lavigne Andréa, Llevot Calvet Nuria, Mélina Joël, Montefusco Camille, Petry Genay Isabelle, Plunus Ghislain, Poncelet Debora, Rothen-Froidevaux Stéphanie, Sotirov Alexandre, Wolfahrt-Schillinger Florence.

Current research projects and phds

Collaborative partnership in action

This research project aims to document the collaborative process implemented within a school to promote the academic success of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

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This research project investigates the school involvement of foreign families.

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Prevention of Early School Leaving in switzerland and in france: which family strategies according to social origin?

This study seeks to better understand the strategies put into place by families when faced with the risk of their child dropping out of school.

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Previous projects

Find research projects carried out in previous years.

The staff in charge of these research projects are available should you require further information.

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Les projets et thèses en cours

Prévention du décrochage scolaire en Suisse et en France

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Réseaux Hainaut Solidaire

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Thèse sur l’influence des établissements à pédagogies alternatives

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